1. Filling out the brief

At this stage, we conduct an interview: you share the vision of your business, note its mission, goals, audience (demographic indicators, gender, status, etc.), development prospects, and also express your wishes. This will allow us to understand in which direction to move to create a logo design. Make an advance payment of 50%

2. Analysis of consumers

We evaluate your competitors' logos and corporate styles, determine which identities work and which don't, and why. Deep market analysis, both Ukrainian and foreign, and benchmarking will allow us to create truly unique things in terms of form and content.

3. Generation of concepts

We make sketches of the future logo. We discuss options and vectorize those that we think are ideal. We make a presentation and send it to you for approval or making minor changes.

4. Development of identity

As soon as you approve the logo design, we start creating the corporate identity of the company. We define a single idea, message, color palette, fonts, patterns, decorative elements and other visual elements. Then it's a matter of site or landing page design.

5. File transfer

After agreeing on all points, we form the rules for using the logo and style. Deposit the second half of the payment. We transfer all the necessary files, formats and links to layouts so that you can easily use them in your work.

Ready to start?